Naked Lens and video blogging

41UTxy81tALI recently had the pleasure of speaking to Seam Kaminsky who wrote the book “Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube” which is all about self discovery and self awareness.

We both had similar ideas on how video journaling is probably the best way to self discovery and learning about oneself is simply a joy that we wanted to share with other people.

He approached it from the content and publishing side, writing a book to help people get their head around the subject matter, and I here at Mindlogr decided to build a platform that would allow people to do it. Continue reading

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What’s the Thought Discovery Panel all about?

We’ve recently added a new feature to the site and we are calling it the Thought Discovery Panel or TDP for short.

After researching and investigating more about why people want to record video logs, we discovered that although people wanted to tell their story to their future selves, they just didn’t know where to start.

The TDP was created so that we can present questions with associated images to help people trigger thoughts and ask some of those difficult questions which perhaps you need to get asked. Continue reading


Using Mindlogr to store your holiday home videos

These days with the abundance of digital devices with cameras, we all find ourselves recording more and more video as well as photos.

This is certainly the case when it comes to vacations or holidays as we Brits call it. But what do you do with all those video snippets that end up sitting on your phone or tablet device or even on a hand held camcorder?

Do you organise them all into video libraries? Or perhaps share them with people? Continue reading


How to make a video memoir using Mindlogr

There couldn’t be a more worthwhile project than recording your family history on video. In the past this might have been a difficult thing to do with high video costs in equipment and media, and also the complexity of editing and organising.

The internet however, has made this process much easier with webcams and mobile cameras all over the place, it’s now easier than ever before the create your own video memoirs or your family’s. Continue reading


Why record a video memoir

People around the world are living day to day getting older and their┬ámemories getting weaker. It’s a simple fact of life, and as we get older, we will find it harder to remember stories and events from the past.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simple record as you go along? That way, you can remind yourself of the stories, and leave a long lasting legacy for your future generations to watch.

That’s what a video memoir is all about. There are hundreds of people today recording them using a variety of methods from video tapes to digital cloud services. Continue reading

Mindlogr V4 – what’s new?

iStock_000014949969XSmallThe features and upgrades are coming quick in the early part of this year. We’ve had some more revelations and now we are improving Mindlogr to give the best possible interface and system for recording personal videos.

In this new version we’ve made some changes to both the main website and the application once you’ve logged in. The main website has been given an overhaul in design to hopefully present the Mindlogr experience in a more faithful light.

Continue reading


New improvements and Mindlogr v3.8 upgrade

We are continually trying to improve the platform to make it fast, fun and easy to record even more video logs.

Since the previous upgrade where we introduced the capabilities for file upload and mobile recording, we have seen an increase in the number of videos being recorded on a daily basis.

It’s caused us to rethink a little how the system works and especially making it efficient and fast. Continue reading


How to keep yourself even more accountable for your New Years Resolutions

It’s past that time of year where people are heard far and wide claiming they’ve turned a new leaf, it’s called their new years resolutions, and let’s face it, we all know deep down that they are a waste of time because it’s just another way to create an excuse for not doing something.

But does it have to be? Continue reading

The latest v3.5 upgrade

upload-photos-to-computer-2Recently, well just last week, we decided to launch the latest round of upgrades for Mindlogr and amongst them were a couple of big upgrade features which we wanted to write about so that new and old users can see what this means for their logging experience.

As the world of vlogging explodes on the internet, there is still an ongoing need for a private place where people can store their video snippets and that’s why we continue to improve Mindlogr with a hope that we can fulfil that gap.

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