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A vlog a day keeps the doctor away

13 Jan , 2015  

There is an incredible power to developing habits and as we all know, it’s easy to develop good ones as well as bad ones easily. If I told you that recording a private video entry each day, just to let go of your bad thoughts, would help you to become over 50% happier if you did it for just 5 minutes a day for 30 days, would you do it?

I would imagine it would be a no brainer, but with forces pulling us left and right and vying for our time attention, even 5 minutes might be difficult to carve out.

These days, mental health is heavy on the minds of many because it is becoming a mainstream talking point, especially after the high profile suicide of Robin Williams. With both mental health on the agenda, and a rising popularity in mindfulness and meditation, it is no wonder that people are spending more time investing in tools, techniques and new methods to improve their inner beings as well as their physical fitness.

It’s quite easy to build a habit, you don’t have to start with setting big goals, all you have to do is promise yourself that you’ll take that action.

For example, if you wanted to record a vlog each day, just promise yourself to record something, no matter how long or short. By not setting an upper bound, it frees our minds to the constraint of having to achieve. By doing that, you put no pressure on yourself to succeed and all you have to do is take action.

Those who succeed often know this little trick of creating habits through releasing the goal. I’ll give you an example within fitness. Often trainers and gym fans will set themselves time goals or weight goals for their training, but most people will never hit their goals.

Either they finish their run a few minutes short, or run a little less vigorously. People using weights might aim to do 3 sets of 12 on a given weight, but most people will struggle to actually complete all 12. That’s because most people set goals that are beyond their reach for now, and since they haven’t yet developed the habit of doing the exercise, they soon lose faith and forget about it.

There are studies which show that cultivating the habit first and then setting lower bound goals are much more successful in getting real results. This is due largely to the fact that your mind is no longer holding yourself captive to a need to achieve.

So next time you want to setup a new life changing habit, just do it and don’t worry about how well you do it. We are encouraging people to try out our 30 day vlog challenge and record just 5 minutes a day and see how you feel after 30 days.

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