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Discussing the Memoto Lifelogging Camera

15 Sep , 2013  

Since the 1980s when lifelogging first started to make a big splash, technology has advanced leaps and bounds faster than anything else on the planet. Cars haven’t changed very much, despite using some extra batteries to supplement the fossil fuels. Homes haven’t changed too much. They’re still as susceptible to the elements as ever. And […]

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What Medical Tracking Means for You

28 Aug , 2013  

As lifelogging increases in popularity, we’re beginning to see a new type of lifelogger emerge. Back in the 1980s, the main lifeloggers were basically self-video journalists, chronicling their lives and adventures in what can be described more as a video diary. And while this is still technically considered lifelogging today, with smaller devices of exceptional […]

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Nike FuelBand vs. Fitbit: A Fair Comparison

11 Aug , 2013  

Lifeloggers have witnessed a dramatic spike in their particular market in recent years. Not only have cameras and other monitoring devices become more streamlined and even affordable, but big-name brands have enthusiastically jumped into the market. We can see this on display with merchandise that helps you track daily activities, like with the FuelBand from […]

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