Famous Diarists

Famous Diarist – Franz Kafka

3 Aug , 2013  


It’s hard for a lot of individuals to understand the significance of keeping a diary. Some believe that this is merely something a disgruntled teenager does to create an outlet for their angst. However, some of the most influential writers in history have kept personal diaries. Take Franz Kafka for example. This 19th century writer […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

16 Jul , 2013  

Vladimir Favorsky, Woodcut of Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1929[1]

People of this generation who want to record a diary have a lot of options available to them, but it’s not necessarily the Internet that they should be thanking. Bloggers, for example, are most certainly a type of diarist, as it stands that a blog is similar to a diary entry. But this type of […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Samuel Pepys

12 Jul , 2013  

Samuel Pepys

For fans of personal journals and autobiographic writings, time is a very interesting aspect of any diarist’s musings. The further back you go, the more intriguing the writing becomes. Sure, most of us can understand the 1950s and perhaps even the 1850s, even if we weren’t around back then. These periods have been extensively chronicled. […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Harry S. Truman

17 Jun , 2013  


The odds are great that, in a hundred years or so, the average person’s diaries won’t warrant that much attention. That’s just a fact of life; not everyone is as famous and/or as revered as other individuals out there. However, most of the famous diaries that we do respect in this day and age where […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Andy Warhol

30 May , 2013  


One of the most intriguing aspects about a diary or personal writings is that they give people an intimate look at the writer long after that writer is gone. Some people fully intend to have their personal journals read after their death, while others really give no thought of it and simply write down their […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Virginia Woolf

6 May , 2013  

Woolf - Widow and Parrot - Redbook 001[1]

With widespread media available like blogs, YouTube, Facebook and other social sites, keeping a personal journal is easier than ever today. It has prompted more people to record more of their personal lives than at any other point in world history. But even with so many new journals, diary buffs still appreciate the personal entries […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Marcus Aurelius

27 Apr , 2013  


Every once in a great while, you may find something in your life that truly changes your perspective. If you’re a diary fan, for example, you may have read different diaries from different figures throughout history, like Virginia Woolf, President Truman, Anne Frank, or Lewis Carroll. While these older diaries can be intriguing, the fact […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – George Bernard Shaw

9 Apr , 2013  


There’s something about humanity that absolutely adores a writer. While much of the celebrity-obsessed world today obviously enjoys the on-screen actors and the people in front of the camera, this is a relatively new phenomenon. For centuries, the actors were just the face of the words. It was always the individual writers, like the playwrights, […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diarist – Lewis Carroll or Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

1 Mar , 2013  


In today’s age of modern media, keeping a personal diary is something that can be easily done. If you’re the type of individual who likes to jot thoughts down on a piece of paper, you can write your own blog. Don’t like typing? That’s okay, too; you can start a video journal and post your […]

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Famous Diarists

Famous diaries – Anne Frank

27 Feb , 2013  


A diary is, very simply put, a person’s recorded thoughts. These days, of course, the record includes digital mediums, such as video cameras and audio recorders. But all throughout history, as soon as the written word became a part of the culture, many individuals kept a diary or its equivalent. Some of these diaries have […]

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