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Stop quantifying, start qualifying

24 Apr , 2015  

The whole area of quantified self has exploded in the last 2 years and this is largely due to the mainstream adoption of wearable technology such as devices like Withings and Fitbit. These small niche companies became so successful at manufacturing their fitness trackers that it became more pervasive and demonstrated that there was a […]

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Private vlog vs video journal

1 Aug , 2014  

There really isn’t a difference between the 2, but the terms have been bandied about as if they were completely different things. When the internet started getting crazy and people were writing all the time online, they started to call these personal online journals a blog. The video version soon came after this, especially with […]


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How to make a video memoir using Mindlogr

7 Feb , 2014  

There couldn’t be a more worthwhile project than recording your family history on video. In the past this might have been a difficult thing to do with high video costs in equipment and media, and also the complexity of editing and organising.

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Why record a video memoir

6 Feb , 2014  

People around the world are living day to day getting older and their
memories getting weaker. It’s a simple fact of life, and as we get older, we will find it harder to remember stories and events from the past.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simple record as you go along? That way, you can remind yourself of the stories, and leave a long lasting legacy for your future generations to watch.

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Telling Your Side of the Story

2 Oct , 2013  

While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, the trouble is that you don’t have any say whatsoever over the thousand words people choose to attribute to your picture. Pictures are just moments frozen in time, and most don’t offer any real context as to how you feel, what’s going on […]

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Why Lifelogging is Going Mainstream

20 Aug , 2013  

In today’s society, lifelogging is a something that’s exploding in a big way. Whether you’re speaking about using a camera to record your daily life or using fitness equipment to help improve it, logging your daily activities is something that’s more popular now than ever. Lifelogging has been around for a long time, and it […]


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What is Lifelogging and How Can I Get Started?

21 May , 2013  

Known sometimes as lifebloggers or lifegloggers, a lifelogger is an individual who typically uses computer software or some type of camera to capture their lives. You may be familiar with this practice via viral videos online, where lifeloggers post events happening in the world around them. The premise here can be likened in part to […]

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Are Google Glasses the New Lifelogging Tool?

3 May , 2013  

For those who are aware of what lifelogging is, you realize that it’s been around since the written word evolved with early man. Scribblings on cave walls are technically lifelogging, as people were etching into stone their day-to-day activities, information about their surroundings, their thoughts and feelings, etc. Of course, this evolved to much more […]

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