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How to get better sleep through video logging

10 Dec , 2014   Video

As human beings we spend about a third of our lives sleeping so it’s staggering to hear that in America alone there are a reported 70 million people affected by chronic sleep disorders. It’s also disparaging to learn that most sleep treatments which are available without a prescription are near enough useless without fully understanding […]

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Benefits,Mental Wellbeing,Stress Management

What is mindfulness and how can I get more of it!

28 Jul , 2014   Video

There’s a movement happening right now and it’s this whole business of mindfulness, but what on earth is it? I’ve been wondering this myself and trying to get a handle on it, and the most sensible answer I can get is that it is an approach to life that aims to create a stronger bond […]


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Why Creating a Video Diary is Good for Your Health

18 Jan , 2013  

Since the advent of the Internet as we know it today, millions upon millions of people have created blogs, podcasts and video journals in order to share their experiences with the world and to also have a digital record of their trials and tribulations. Being personal on that level, and also confident enough to possibly […]

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Mental Wellbeing,Stress Management

How Recording a Diary Can Relieve Mental Stress

13 Jan , 2013  

Many different scientific studies have been conducted involving diaries, and as they relate to stress-management and relief in particular, the results are fairly clear. Keeping a diary can help you to relieve mental stress just as well as any other outlet available to you. The science was once iffy at best, as “stress” in general was considered a myth of the mind in some precincts. But as medical science has advanced, dozens of studies have uncovered the fact that pouring your proverbial soul out via the pages of your diary can have mental and physical benefits.

For stress-relief in particular, recording a diary will benefit you in numerous ways. If only because you finally get to remove those worrisome thoughts from your shoulders, that would be reason enough. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read below and learn about how recording a diary can aid you in getting rid of stress.

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