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Video blogging your way to a clear mindful existence

28 Feb , 2017  

There’s a lot of talk lately about all these video bloggers on YouTube who have massive followings, but suffice to say, none of them talk about the real benefits of video blogging, or vlogging. I’m sure they would be first to admit that prolonged video blogging has helped with many of their personal traits as […]


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The Future of Video Logging as a Reporting and Private Logging Tool

2 Jun , 2013  

If you want to know just how important a role video plays in the lives of the world’s citizens today, do a quick 30-second experiment. Log onto YouTube, type the word “video” into the search bar, and select the “sort by upload date” option in the Filters tab. Why this experiment? Well, it’s to realize […]

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Are Google Glasses the New Lifelogging Tool?

3 May , 2013  

For those who are aware of what lifelogging is, you realize that it’s been around since the written word evolved with early man. Scribblings on cave walls are technically lifelogging, as people were etching into stone their day-to-day activities, information about their surroundings, their thoughts and feelings, etc. Of course, this evolved to much more […]

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Recording one second for every day of your life?

7 Feb , 2013  

I just watched an inspiring video from a dude in Brooklyn, NY called Cesar Kuriyama. This video was on TED the channel full of inspiring videos and it talks about the profound learning lessons you can have by recording one second for every day in your life. I must admit that I totally agree and […]

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