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Discussing the Memoto Lifelogging Camera

15 Sep , 2013  

Since the 1980s when lifelogging first started to make a big splash, technology has advanced leaps and bounds faster than anything else on the planet. Cars haven’t changed very much, despite using some extra batteries to supplement the fossil fuels. Homes haven’t changed too much. They’re still as susceptible to the elements as ever.

And people certainly haven’t changed very much at all. Technology, however, as in camera size and picture quality, has advanced exponentially since the ’80s. In fact, technology in 2013 has surpassed what anyone imagined in even 2003 – a short yet explosive decade.

Lifelogging tools are available via small HD cameras, medical trackers, fitness bands, and much more. For lifeloggers who enjoy the visual side of the art, devices like Memoto are serious game changers. If you have yet to hear of Memoto, we’ll go over it in detail throughout the article below.

The Features of Memoto

Memoto is a lifelogger’s dream in terms of features and function. Billed as a lifelogging camera, Memoto is a high-resolution device that easily attaches to your body and snaps a wide-angle HD picture every 30 seconds. So while it’s not recording everything as a video, it is logging your life in full, vivid detail. It’s very small and so lightweight that you’ll easily forget you’re wearing it. So be careful of what you’re logging!

One of the coolest aspects of Memoto is that it’s always on. As long as it’s not dark, not placed in a pocket, or not facing down, it will snap a photo every 30 seconds. It clips on to a jacket or collar or can be worn with a string, so you can take it with you everywhere if you wish.

Memoto comes with 8GB of space, which means it can hold up to 6,000 photos. That’s 3,000 minutes, which means you can wear it for days without having to empty out the photos.

For right now, Memoto is just a start-up receiving funding through Kickstarter and other mediums. Though the device is already released, the storage features are not yet set. So you’ll have to store the photos on your own computer or other storage device.

What Memoto Means for Lifeloggers

Memoto offers a new, unique way to log your life. The design of the device is so inconspicuous that no one will realize you’re wearing it unless they’re familiar with the device. So this does bring up quite a few issues of privacy. Since most lifeloggers are undoubtedly going to share their photos via social media, an ethical dilemma may be created, with using other people’s images without authorization. But, realistically, those challenges are present for all existing devices already. So it’s not anything specific to Memoto.

The device costs around $250, which isn’t that pricy for what it does. Its battery charge can last for around 3 days, so it can be worn on vacation or on a long road trip without needing a charge.

All in all, it’s a great little device for people who really want to chronicle their lives. Most people, even if they’re very attentive, have trouble recalling what they did for an entire day. Memoto provides a literal picture of everything the wearer experienced in life.

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