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Hashtags #veda #vomvlog #battenveda and what they are all about

24 Mar , 2015  

It’s nearly April and every year something amazing begins to happen in the world of online videos and specifically with individual users. Even people who don’t normally record online video come out to play for this online event and it’s all been tracked with these hashtags.

For those who aren’t familiar with hashtags, these are tools that have been introduced on many social media platforms as a way to quickly create a group conversation around a given topic.

People have been using them to track video logging and this is where the #veda comes into play. #veda stands for Videolog Every Day in April/August and people have been participating by recording a video log every day during these months.

They do this for a variety of reasons, from just sharing their day to reflecting on their lives, but what’s most important is that they commit to recording everyday for a month, which when successful can start to help people make changes in their own lives.

#battenveda is the same thing except it’s been promote by BattenHall which is a social media agency in the UK. They’ve been very successful in implementing this to engage audiences for their various projects.

As for #vomvlog, I only found out today that it meant Vomit Vlog, which is sort of a way to tell people to just let it all out and vomit all your thoughts out on a daily vlog.

It’s really interesting that a lot of people are participating in this phenomenom, but for the most part people are storing their videos on public channels such as Youtube, Dailymotion, even Instagram and Vine.

We also want people to join in as we recognise the benefits of video logging everyday and we want to start to promote #pveda which for us at Mindlogr means Privately Videolog Every Day in April.

Use our platform to join in without sharing your videos. Remember that on Mindlogr all you videos are always private by default. You can also share in the benefits of “vomiting” your thoughts daily and not have to worry about public judgement.

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