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How Keeping a Dream Diary Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

31 Jan , 2013  

Colloquially speaking, there are two different types of dream journals out there. The first, and most commonly known, is a type of diary wherein you write down your actual dreams. The idea here is to search through dreams to find potential signs and meanings hidden within the dreams.

The second type of dream journal acts much more like a catalog of ambitions. In this type of diary, the writer catalogs his or her different life dreams, taking account of where they want to end up and making a note of the journey to get there.

For the second type of dream diary, this method can actually help you to realize your life’s goals. The ultimate goal here is to make your ambitions an actual reality, and using a diary might just help you get there.

Ways a Dream Journal Can Assist You in Reaching Your Life’s Ambitions

Keeping You Motivated

For many people in the world, putting their thoughts down on paper makes them a reality. For instance, if you wanted to climb up the proverbial ladder in a company or play in the NBA, writing down these goals makes them that much closer to being real. Once you write down your dreams, you should be able to pull some motivation. There’s a thorough record of what you want to accomplish. Looking at this and knowing that it’s a serious goal will provide you with the will to make it happen.

Tracking Your Progress

Another way that a dream journal can help you turn your goals into a reality is by tracking your actual progress. For every rung up of the ladder you climb, you will leave a descriptive entry in your journal. By tracking your progress in this way, you will be able to check in and realize that your dreams are that much closer to becoming a reality.

Evolution of Dreams

You won’t always want the same things in life. If, for instance, you start a journal when you’re a teenager, your life’s goals are bound to change by the time you’re in your thirties. But by keeping a journal, you can witness the clear evolution of your dreams. Hopefully, if you’ve been true to your diary, you will see that you have followed through on your dreams and have made different goals in your life a real thing. Your goals may evolve, but knowing that they’re obtainable is something that will provide you with plenty of motivation to succeed.

A Reflection of Your Journey

Reflecting on your journey is an important aspect of chasing your life’s goals. If you’ve just started your diary, then it’s obvious that there’s not much to reflect on now. But a year or two down the road, you will be amazed at the different dreams and goals you have written in your diary. You can reflect on your entire journey and get a much clearer picture about what you want out of life.

Keeping a journal of your hopes and dreams is a great tool for staying motivated until you can actually make them come true. You don’t have to get fancy with your diary. Just make sure that you’re keeping track of what you want and also of how you’re going about getting there.

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