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How Recording a Diary Can Relieve Mental Stress

13 Jan , 2013  

Many different scientific studies have been conducted involving diaries, and as they relate to stress-management and relief in particular, the results are fairly clear. Keeping a diary can help you to relieve mental stress just as well as any other outlet available to you. The science was once iffy at best, as “stress” in general was considered a myth of the mind in some precincts. But as medical science has advanced, dozens of studies have uncovered the fact that pouring your proverbial soul out via the pages of your diary can have mental and physical benefits.

For stress-relief in particular, recording a diary will benefit you in numerous ways. If only because you finally get to remove those worrisome thoughts from your shoulders, that would be reason enough. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read below and learn about how recording a diary can aid you in getting rid of stress.

Stress-Relieving Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Finding the Proper Outlet

Most agree that stress is a compounding problem. For example: People don’t really become stressed out from a bad day. They become stressed out due to a series of bad days which add one on top of the other. With a diary, you have an outlet for those little stressers every day. The more committed you are to the journal process, the less stress you’re going to deal with. It’s a great outlet to get that proverbial monkey off of your back.

Sharing the Load

Even if you’re keeping a diary in the classical sense (i.e. a secret), you can still share the load. Getting the things off of your chest and verbalising your issues on video is a great way to beat back that stress, even if no one is ever going to view it. Stress can have physical affects on your body over time, so actually sharing that figurative load can make you literally lighter.

Rehashing Your Emotions

Just when you think you’ve hit bottom emotionally and cannot deal with one of life’s many situations, you can always look back in your diary and find a time where you were dealing with something similar or something worse. Knowing that you pulled through that okay can give you the strength needed to face your current issues head-on.

Improving Immune Health

According to a slew of studies conducted on the subject, keeping a diary will actually help to improve your immune system. It’s a combination of getting rid of the stress and anxiety in your life and also having a healthy outlet that keeps you away from drinking, drug use, binge eating, and other things that will damage your body. So keeping a diary is like the gift that keeps on giving, at least as long as you’re actively keeping a journal.

Staying Occupied

As mentioned above, keeping a diary can keep you away from a lot of other bad habits. It also keeps your mind occupied. Stress and anxiety tend to weigh on us the most when we have the time to sit around and dwell on the negatives in our lives. When you’re keeping a diary, however, your mind is occupied with the diary and you’re not giving much weight to the negative. You’re letting go of the negative by recording it in your journal.

If you haven’t started to keep a diary yet, you may want to consider it after reading these great benefits. Stress is a big problem in the lives of millions. Luckily, there are easy and effective ways to get the stress out of your life once and for good.

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