How to create super private video sharing groups in Mindlogr

10 Sep , 2013  

InnerCirclePost_1-650x650You might think Mindlogr is a private video logging tool, but there are some really cool features which can be used differently if you want to.

Take for example the shared logging facilities. Here you can create a shared video log in which you and any of your invited sharers can participate in.

Since this is an invite only sharing system, it is completely private which means you could use it to create private conversations and knowledge sharing through video.

Here’s one way of using it, if you are a teacher, coach, or just someone who has clients that need to tap on your knowledge, you could effectively create a shared video log of your best video tips and only your special clients get access.

I have a video log of all my best SEO tips which goes out only to extremely special clients. This way I keep all the info controlled, it’s not available to the public and I can also get great feedback on my inner circle.

If you have an inner circle of clients, make your own shared log to share exclusive video tips with them using Mindlogr.

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