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How to make a video memoir using Mindlogr

7 Feb , 2014  

There couldn’t be a more worthwhile project than recording your family history on video. In the past this might have been a difficult thing to do with high video costs in equipment and media, and also the complexity of editing and organising.

The internet however, has made this process much easier with webcams and mobile cameras all over the place, it’s now easier than ever before the create your own video memoirs or your family’s.

This blog will go through a short process of how you could use Mindlogr to record them.

Prepare the account

Firstly, you’ll have to setup an account at Mindlogr and create a shared log book. That way you can help other family members to record into them, or you could leave them to their own devices to record into the shared log book.

Conduct interviews with older family members

To learn about your family history, go to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other relatives. Ask them about their lives, as well as what they know of family history.

Depending on what equipment you are using, place in a good sturdy location. You might be using a desktop webcam, or a laptop, in which case it’s easy. Otherwise if you are using a mobile phone, there are lots of mobile phone tripods which could be used, or just find a suitable resting location where the mobile camera can pick up the view.

With that setup, all you have to do is log into the shared log book and start recording.

With Mindlogr you don’t need some complicated editing system, you can simply record the interviews and add titles and notes to your log entry.

Over time you will get more experience in asking the right question, or getting the great stories from all your family members. These are the most important ones to get.

In the end, you could simply download all the clips and edit them if you want to create a professional finished movie. If you connected your Dropbox account you wouldn’t even need to do that.

For the easiest, just leave the videos on Mindlogr and know that you have this ready to share with future generations when the time is right.

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