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How Video Logging Can Help Manage Problems in Life

9 Sep , 2013  

Video logging is an art form that’s known by many names. Some call it vlogging, lifelogging, and others refer to it as a video diary or journaling. What you call it isn’t nearly important as how you do it, though, or as important as your reasons for doing it. So, what would be your reasons for wanting to keep a video log of your life? Well, there are many potential benefits you can reap from keeping a video journal.

Throughout this article, we will go over quite a few benefits that you can experience if you start video logging. But remember that this short list isn’t going to clue you in on everything. You may have your own reasons for wanting to start a video log, or you may find something here that inspires you to start recording your life. Either way, video logging can be a very effective tool.

Different Problems Lifelogging Can Assist With

Health and Fitness

There are millions of people out there dealing with weight issues, bad and aching joints, muscle loss, and other health and fitness-related issues. Video logging not only gives you an opportunity to record and view your progress over a long duration, but it also allows you to share this process with the world. If you’ve never heard of the Watch Me Shrink fad, it’s people who are recording their weekly progress with diets, seeking inspiration, motivation, and seeking to inspire others. Video logging allows you to do something similar, or simple to monitor and study your own progress.


Many of us like to stroll down memory lane, looking through the photos of our lives – our friends, family, relationships, and how the people we know and the places we’ve been have affected our lives. Imagine reflecting on your life in live action, rather than some still shots frozen in time. Video logging allows you to chronicle your life and your relationships in real time. Those memories don’t have to be pieced together anymore. You can view your life as it happened with video logging.

Stress-Related Issues

Stress is something serious which affects millions of people around the globe. It can have pretty serious consequences unless treated, including severe emotional consequences. Video logging may help by giving you an outlet to get things off of your chest. It also allows you to join in with the video logging community, which may lead to finding support during some troubling times in your life. If anything, monitoring your life and taking a real, honest look at it will help you to spot stressful situations and to change certain things that may be weighing you down.

Economic Benefit

Okay, so this one is a bit off-the-way as it pertains to the intentions of most lifeloggers. But say you have a dream or a goal that you’re trying to achieve but don’t have the funding. Or say you want to start a unique channel but don’t have an audience. Video logging can actually help you with this. Take a gander at a site like GoFundMe and other similar sites.

They’re full up of people who present video presentations and receive ample support. Then look over at a site like YouTube. Many of the people there with the most views and most subscribers are making good money from Google as partners. So there may actually be some monetary benefit in video logging, blogging, vlogging, or whatever one wants to call it.

No matter your intentions, video logging can help you with a wide assortment of issues. From personal health and well-being to providing a monetary benefit for your efforts, creating a video diary and becoming committed to video logging can assist you in many crucial areas. More than anything, though, it’s a low-cost, fun way to monitor your life and to potentially share yourself with the world.

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