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Life Hacking – How Analyzing Your Life Can Improve It

15 Apr , 2013  

Glasses_Hack_webA term made popular in the 1980s, life hacking is all about finding ways to increase the productivity in your life via shortcuts, little tricks, different skills, or even novelties. It’s all about increasing efficiency and quality of life, and everyone’s life could use a few good hacks.

If you’re not sure what life hacking is, think about something very simple. You know those aluminum foil rolls that give you grief when the foil pops out? Well, a life hack in this context would be to simply push in the tabs on the side of the box! Oh, you didn’t know they were there, did you? Life hacking 101! Just make your foil-wrapping life easier!

Putting ice cream in a large plastic bag so it doesn’t get hard, or putting a frozen bottle of water in your beer picture to avoid watering it down, or even putting pancake mix into a squeeze bottle to avoid messy cleanup – these are all simple and effective life hacks.

Using this principle, you should be able to find quite a few ways to improve your life via little hacks. You only need to analyze your life and look at your personal situation.

Life Hacking Tips to Implement

Diet and Weight Loss/Health and Fitness

Analyzing your life, how are you doing in the health and fitness department? You might be able to find a wide assortment of life hacks here.

  • Work out for an hour after work instead of getting stuck in traffic
  • Don’t give up soda; simply switch to diet drinks
  • Eat a light meal before going out on the town or to a party
  • Avoid tedious exercise by taking up a sport
  • Eat with people around you to avoid overeating
  • Work out in shorter bursts to avoid become overly fatigued


Relationships plague us all. What are some great life hacks to help us stay out of sticky situations?

  • Use your smartphone to start up small talk with someone you have your eye on, asking them a question about functionality or something innocuous
  • Pick outside locations for beginning stage dates. These make people feel safe and comfortable
  • When an argument is coming on, start smiling. Making light of most situations will spark laughter instead of anger
  • Leave your phone turned off when spending quality time; a ring or text may interrupt the atmosphere


  • Jump in the shower to perk you up and to feel energized
  • Avoid caffeine and other artificial pick-me-ups and eat fruit instead
  • Let some light and air into a room to make it feel open, and then you’ll feel like moving around
  • If on a work deadline and procrastinating, set up a reward for yourself for early completion

Mental Wellbeing

  • Music is mood-shifting, and lighthearted, upbeat music will keep you in a good mood
  • Get rid of negative influences in your life by replacing them instead of attempting to eliminate them; this will help you to phase them out
  • When feeling depressed, spend time around animals or children. Having something in your care will make responsibility take precedence over negative emotions
  • Speak when something is on your mind, even if it’s to yourself in a mirror. Airing your emotions keep them from becoming bottled up

Even if the tips above don’t apply to you, the idea here is still the same. You want to analyze your life to find areas where you need improvement. Then you want to find tips, tricks, skills and shortcuts to help you improve the quality of your life.

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