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25 Mar , 2013  

dropbox-graphicI’ve read in a few places that people who are writing in online journals or diaries like to consider an exit strategy. I guess this is normal to think about what happens if you decide to leave a service or the service goes down or bankrupt. With a traditional pen and paper, your only risks would be from disasters that might happen like a fire or flood, online other challenges exist.

We decided to work on this problem and came up with an elegant solution that works really well and is a breeze to setup.

We partnered with Dropbox to create a special cloud folder so that members can link their accounts and easily get all their videos downloaded into their private Dropbox without even needing to do anything.

The setup is as easy as pressing a link button inside your profile page and then signing into your Dropbox account.

For those of you who aren’t already on Dropbox, they are the leading cloud storage platform offering you cloud drive space so that all your files are accessible everywhere.

Once you’ve authenticated the DiaryMemo app to use your Dropbox folder, DiaryMemo will automatically save all video diary entries into a folder underneath your Dropbox/Apps folder.

What’s more, DiaryMemo will also organise your videos with a proper date stamp, and if you have multiple diary books, it will create sub directories and store entries in their correct folders. Even when you delete a diary entry from DiaryMemo, the record will also automatically be removed from your Dropbox, so it’s a complete automatic organisation system for your video diary entries.

We hope you enjoy it and if you have requests for us to build other cloud drive systems into DiaryMemo, let us know. In time we will probably start working on one for Google Drive and Skydrive.

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