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Mindlogr Updates and v5.2

10 Mar , 2016  

I know that things have been quiet here, but rest assured that in the background we are always planning and thinking and innovating to discover ourselves where to take the platform.

Whilst this is happening, we’ve made some changes to help the user experience of the platform. Here’s the changes we’ve made that will hopefully make the platform that slightly better:

  • Menu update – we’ve redesigned the menu system in the back end to make it clearer and more intuitive. The logbook menu has been incorporated into a text based dropdown all accessed through the same one menu button. We hope that this will make it easier to navigate the website.
  • Notifications update – we’ve made changes to the way notifications work and also redesigned the notifications messaging system. We hope it’s clearer and more informative as well as hiding away read messages.
  • Speed changes – by streamlining the system we’ve managed to speed up the loading of the viewing pane. These will dramatically improve the experience of reviewing old videos.
  • Webcam recording interface – we know that the web recording system has its ups and its downs. There are many aspects of this which are outside our control, especially when it comes to browser software. Unfortunately the way Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari all work and update, is something that will always impact the performance of our platform. Most web recording platforms work using Flash technology, but there is an ongoing battle between the browser softwares as to where this is leading. A new protocol has been introduced which is extremely new and that is webrtc recording. We endeavour to make the web recording as accessible as we can, so we hope that the recently updates made to this part of the platform will enable us to provide our members with a better experience. If you are experiencing problems on the web recording, we encourage you to report these to us so we can fix and improve them rapidly. We rely on reports to help us identify the issues. There are simply too many browser software versions out there for us to test on every single one.
  • Fitbit data – following the popularity of Fitbit as a tracking tool for health and activity, we have decided to reintegrate the fitness data for all Fitbit tracking devices. Just connect up your account and your recordings will also record your activity for that day up to the time of the video recording.

We hope that these minor changes will improve the platform. Please report any difficulties to us directly so we can fix them if you come across them whilst using Mindlogr.

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