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Mindlogr V4 – what’s new?

29 Jan , 2014  

The features and upgrades are coming quick in the early part of this year. We’ve had some more revelations and now we are improving Mindlogr to give the best possible interface and system for recording personal videos.

In this new version we’ve made some changes to both the main website and the application once you’ve logged in. The main website has been given an overhaul in design to hopefully present the Mindlogr experience in a more faithful light.

As for the new features, here’s what’s new and updated in the latest version of Mindlogr.

  1. Longer recording times – from today onwards, premium members will be able to record up to 15 minutes per video instead of the regular 5 minutes per video on a free account.
  2. Webcam interface improvements – a few tweaks have been made to make the webcam interface a little faster.
  3. Mobile platform improvements – both the interface and main website have had improvements overall in design and functionality. The objective was to make it easy for a user to operate the mobile platform via a mobile browser easily with one hand.
  4. Video time change – added the ability for users to change the recording time of their past videos.
  5. Video initiate Dropbox download – allow users to initiate a download to their linked Dropbox accounts directly from the video viewing pane.
  6. Video mapping – added a map visualization to show where the video was recorded and allow user to change the recording GPS location.
  7. 2 new User preferences added
    1. Video data overlay – added the ability for users to turn this on or off.
    2. Countdown timer – allow users to turn on and off the pre-recording countdown timer.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using this latest version, and as always, please feedback to us so we can iron out the bugs, and add any suggestions what would help you get the most out of Mindlogr.

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