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Mindlogr V6

10 Apr , 2018  


There’s been a long silence over here and we’ve been busy keeping things running as long as we can.

As a part of the latest updates we’ve decided to go back to having a free account plan because people still want to be able to use the system without having to pay.

Perhaps being able to trial the system for 30 days wasn’t enough. Since this isn’t a for-profit venture, we still need to generate some revenue in order to keep things running for all those hundreds of people who are getting benefit from vlogging everyday.

Although many platforms seem to be free these days, since we don’t allow any advertising on the platform (as we believe that to be intrusive on the private nature of the platform), we need to get people to subscribe so that we can keep things running.

Things like hosting, domain renewals, cloud storage space, maintenance time, these all cost money to keep it going.

So the main change here for V6 is that we’ve introduced a very basic plan. This plan will allow people to use the system with some restrictions. Recordings are limited to 2 minutes at a time and there is a monthly limit as well. Also they will only have use of one logbook, but they will be permitted to view in shared logbooks if some other members invite them to that shared logbook.

As well as this, we’ve also introduced an audio only recording mode for those of you who are camera shy, and also a new calendar view. In perspective, the calendar view is only truly useful if you are logging at least once a week. For members who log less frequently, it’s not so useful a visual.

There are also some technological updates in the background to speed up upload buffering and also make the webcam experience a little smoother.

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