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Mindlogr version 5 updates

17 Dec , 2014  

We are constantly finding ways to improve the service and design in order to make sure that our users get the best experience they can and so in this new major update we’ve made some fundamental changes and this blog will try to describe them in more detail.

Features we’ve added:

  • Logbook archiving – we recognized that many users often start new logbooks for a specific purpose (e.g. a fitness program logbook, or honeymoon logbook), but after the event they stop recording into that logbook and it just takes up space in the logbook menus. Since the aim of Mindlogr is to help members save all their videos for the future, we’ve added the ability to archive a logbook into your own personal long term storage vault. There’s no cap on how much you can archive. When you archive a logbook, it will no longer show up on your logbook menus and the only way you can re-access that logbook is by re-opening it. This will bring it back into the system. It means you can archive and still have access to it.
  • Leaving a shared logbook – often members are invited to share in a logbook that perhaps becomes stale because other sharers are not recording into the logbooks. In the past, this shared logbook would just sit idle in your logbook menus, however now as a non-owner of a logbook you can leave a shared logbook by choice, rather than request the owner to remove you from that logbook.
  • Google Drive connect – We’ve had Dropbox synchronization for a while and now we’ve added the ability to sync Google Drive as well. When you connect up your Google Drive, Mindlogr will create directories for each of your logbooks as well as download a copy of all your videos and place them into their correct logbooks on your Google Drive.
  • Reminders – we’ve changed the reminder system to allow members to create their own schedule of reminders rather than a fixed number of inactive days before a reminder email is sent.
  • Colour scheme customization – gone are skins, but to replace them in terms of personalization we’ve added the ability to create your own logbook colour schemes. Go to edit your logbook details to customize your different style for each logbook.
  • SMS Reminders – this is one for the premium users. Now the new reminder system can also send you text SMS message reminders to make a recording.
  • Graphs – we wanted to present a clearer and more useful way to show some interesting statistics from each members own account usage. On the main dashboard we’ve added 4 graphs which show the following information
    1. Time recorded over the last 30 days – this will show your more recent activity in the current open logbook.
    2. Total time recorded – this will show the total cumulative time recorded in the current open logbook since the start of the logbook.
    3. Time recorded per month over last 6 months – shows the overall grouped recording activity over the past 6 months collated by month.
    4. Time recorded per logbook percentage – this shows the split of time recorded into the different open logbooks you have on Mindlogr.
  • Health Data – we are back working on integrating health data into the system as we do believe that in the long run if we can store all this data each time you make a recording, it would be infinitely useful at a later date when we can help cross relate health data with talking topics. We’ve added the Withings data because they have a large range of integrations and data points. In time we will record fitness, activities, sleep, blood glucose and blood pressure as well as some even more interesting data.

Features we’ve removed

  • Awards & Leaderboard – when we first introduced the awards and leaderboard system we wanted to create a way to encourage members to record more on Mindlogr and do more things. We firmly believe that the more a member users Mindlogr, the happier they will become. Unfortunately we implemented and tested the awards system and noticed that it really didn’t work as well as we’d hoped. This is because Mindlogr is a closed private system, so the social aspect was non-existent to provide the competitive social angle. Because of this we’ve decided the remove it from the system and eliminate the clutter it provides.
  • Reminder based on inactive days – since moving to user determined reminder dates we’ve removed this notification reminder based on inactive days.
  • Skins – since Mindlogr is becoming a more mature product we’ve eliminated the style skins in preference for user customized gradient colours schemes.

Features we’ve improved

  • TDP – what used to be the Thoughts Discovery Panel has now evolved into MEG – the Mind Exploration Guide. Our intention for this optional feature was to provide thought provoking questions to help users whilst they were recording their video logs. Many users report that their frequency of use is often determined by having something to say, so to promote more active usage, MEG will be programmed with sets of questions which will be relevant to the logbook type. For example a logbook type of work will ask work relevant questions., whereas a logbook type of diet will ask nutrition and food based questions to provoke further thoughts. You can pick different logbook types when you start a new logbook or edit an existing one.
  • Reviewing past video -we’ve made some big changes on the way videos are reviewed and watched. The previous version of Mindlogr would present the watch page as a separate page and show other videos recorded on the same day in the timeline panel below. We’ve now fully integrated the review mechanism so that it works seamlessly on the dashboard without navigating to a new page. This means that both recording and viewing are accessible on the main dashboard and it also adds new capabilities for searching as well. When reviewing a past video, keyword tags are clickable and related videos will appear in the timeline below. We believe that this will make the Mindlogr experience even more enjoyable and rewarding when looking over the past.
  • Dashboard design – the dashboard has been redesigned to make the separate sections clearer and we’ve added a message bar at the top to help present important and relevant system feedback messages to the members. The main dash will still have the recording on the left side, but the right side has been replaced with the new member statistics graphs. This right side is also a dynamic area which will change according to the function that is being activated.
  • Menu design – the top menu design has been enlarged slightly to make it easier for access and simpler to change logbooks and access the account details. We’ve also added a new submenu underneath the main logbook title in the top middle. This pertains to the logbook actions that can be taken. Here you’ll get access to the Edit, Archive, Share and Delete actions for the open logbook directly from the dash. If you are in a shared logbook for which you are not the owner, you’ll find the Leave logbook button here too.
  • Technical design – we’ve made some technical changes in the underlying code to improve several aspects of Mindlogr. We hope that these will improve the efficiency and stability of the platform. The improvements are:
    1. better saving process with a more streamlined processing system – this should mitigate video loss, although there will always exist the risk of losing videos due to external circumstances which we do not control. Examples of these are your local ISP connection goes down, or webcam hardware failure.
    2. more efficient video data recovery process – in the event that videos get stuck in processing we have added the ability to recover and restart the process on the server which will resolve possible missing video entries.
    3. flicker free processing – we’ve moved a lot of client actions to the server to present a smoother experience of the user interface.
  • Web app overhaul – we’ve made major updates to the web app which brings it in line with the current web version. The previous version of the web app was limited in its capabilities, but this latest version will contain all the features of the web version, apart from MEG. The web app is accessible by visiting the website via any mobile browser. Premium users can record on the go anywhere.

Coming Soon

Guided logs

We are working on something that is going to really help people to release their thoughts and gain a lot more from using Mindlogr. Early next year we are going to introduce our new Guided Logs system which we are working on furiously over Christmas and New Year.

These Guided Logs will be designed to help people resolve specific problems or thoughts they might have in their lives. They will be like having a coach right by your side asking you the questions that matter.

These Guided Logs will be split into 12 categories ranging from Personal life coach to Sports and fitness, and we are working with expert partners to provide the guided content so that we are offering only the best guides possible.

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