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Naked Lens and video blogging

10 May , 2014  

41UTxy81tALI recently had the pleasure of speaking to Seam Kaminsky who wrote the book “Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube” which is all about self discovery and self awareness.

We both had similar ideas on how video journaling is probably the best way to self discovery and learning about oneself is simply a joy that we wanted to share with other people.

He approached it from the content and publishing side, writing a book to help people get their head around the subject matter, and I here at Mindlogr decided to build a platform that would allow people to do it.

I’ve just started to read the book myself and I can already tell this is a book that Mindlogr users will want to read. Not only does it cover the technical aspects of equipment and skills needed (which btw, Mindlogr would take care of), it talks a lot about how the mindset should work towards making useful video logs.

I particularly like the section about Transforming Anger, page 102. Too often do we harbour anger towards random people and people we know, and for the most part, most people do not voice their anger.

This simply sits in the mind and causes havoc, perhaps over many years, and allowing that to fester is not healthy at all. The technique which Sean describes is very good, and it teaches us even more about the power of not just recording our thoughts, but also replaying back so that we get to reflect and look at ourselves from a 3rd persons perspective.

This separation gives our minds the space to breathe and look at ourselves in a more constructive and logical manner. Often this is enough to realise how stupid we’ve been with ourselves and the anger! Enough to transform it into something else.

Take a look yourself, the book is available on Amazon.


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