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New improvements and Mindlogr v3.8 upgrade

12 Jan , 2014  

We are continually trying to improve the platform to make it fast, fun and easy to record even more video logs.

Since the previous upgrade where we introduced the capabilities for file upload and mobile recording, we have seen an increase in the number of videos being recorded on a daily basis.

It’s caused us to rethink a little how the system works and especially making it efficient and fast.

Here’s some of the changes and improvements we’ve made to the Mindlogr experience in this 3.8 upgrade.

  1. Removed moods – we’ve made a big step in removing the mood system as we did some big number crunching and saw that it was generally being used less than 0.4% of the time, and we also felt that it deterred slightly from the main mission of the project, to provide an effective video logging system, so we have removed that feature.
  2. Timeline display change – lots of feedback from new and old users tell us that the “stacking” display of the entries by date was ineffective and confusing. Users were unsure about whether their video was recorded or not. To eliminate this we’ve re-engineered the timeline slightly. Though it looks the same, the background code is more efficient now, and instead of stacking the videos by date, we simply show ALL videos in chronological order, regardless of date. As a result we have removed the stacking icon.
  3. Favourite date vs. favourite video – we have altered the favourites feature as a result of the change above. Instead of favouriting dates in the previous version, individual videos can now be favourited instead.
  4. Video watching display – we’ve decided to move away from the floating lightbox style display of previous video recordings and opted for a consistent display with the existing dashboard. When clicking on a past video it will now take the user to a page which shows the video in position of where the webcam would be. The underlying timeline will also filter out and show all other entries on that same date, thereby enabling a user to jump between entries on a single date easily.
  5. Improved the video details entry – we’ve streamlined the way title, notes and tags are entered into the system after a video recording. Again the aim is to improve recording efficiency and data entry. Now the form will appear over the webcam window rather than as a hovered window.
  6. Mobile interface improvements – made some updates to make the mobile editing experience smoother and more fluid.

If you are experiencing any problems, please let us know.


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