How to create super private video sharing groups in Mindlogr

10 Sep , 2013  

You might think Mindlogr is a private video logging tool, but there are some really cool features which can be used differently if you want to. Take for example the shared logging facilities. Here you can create a shared video log in which you and any of your invited sharers can participate in. Since this […]

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How Video Logging Can Help Manage Problems in Life

9 Sep , 2013  

Video logging is an art form that’s known by many names. Some call it vlogging, lifelogging, and others refer to it as a video diary or journaling. What you call it isn’t nearly important as how you do it, though, or as important as your reasons for doing it. So, what would be your reasons […]

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Examining Stress in the Human Body

3 Sep , 2013  

Many of today’s lifeloggers aren’t that interested in recording amazing airplane jumps or spur-of-the-moment dance sessions at the local strip mall. As we become more health-conscious as a society, more lifeloggers are actually interested in monitoring their vital statistics to help improve their health. This is especially true as it pertains to stress. Stress is […]


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What Medical Tracking Means for You

28 Aug , 2013  

As lifelogging increases in popularity, we’re beginning to see a new type of lifelogger emerge. Back in the 1980s, the main lifeloggers were basically self-video journalists, chronicling their lives and adventures in what can be described more as a video diary. And while this is still technically considered lifelogging today, with smaller devices of exceptional […]

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Fixing webcam problems with MAC Lion osx

22 Aug , 2013  

There’s been a development recently that affects mostly MAC users and it has to do with the compatibility of Adobe Flash player with browsers. It might affect your first experience of Mindlogr as it will render your camera or microphone inoperable. When you get to the recording screens, and you try to enable your webcam […]


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Why Lifelogging is Going Mainstream

20 Aug , 2013  

In today’s society, lifelogging is a something that’s exploding in a big way. Whether you’re speaking about using a camera to record your daily life or using fitness equipment to help improve it, logging your daily activities is something that’s more popular now than ever. Lifelogging has been around for a long time, and it […]


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DiaryMemo becomes Mindlogr and iterates to the 3rd version

16 Aug , 2013  

I’ve been working very hard to improve the service and to make it clearer as to what you can do with it and how we can move forward, so in this particular post I’m going to explain the change of name, and also the revamped interface as well as feature set. Then to wrap up […]

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Nike FuelBand vs. Fitbit: A Fair Comparison

11 Aug , 2013  

Lifeloggers have witnessed a dramatic spike in their particular market in recent years. Not only have cameras and other monitoring devices become more streamlined and even affordable, but big-name brands have enthusiastically jumped into the market. We can see this on display with merchandise that helps you track daily activities, like with the FuelBand from […]

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Why creating a video journal could accelerate your personal healing

3 Aug , 2013  

“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh We all know that writing a journal has some seriously great benefits. There’s no need for me to go into depth about those in particular, just know that it serves as a valuable tool in the cause of […]


Famous Diarists

Famous Diarist – Franz Kafka

3 Aug , 2013  

It’s hard for a lot of individuals to understand the significance of keeping a diary. Some believe that this is merely something a disgruntled teenager does to create an outlet for their angst. However, some of the most influential writers in history have kept personal diaries. Take Franz Kafka for example. This 19th century writer […]

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