Health & Fitness

Struggling with weight? Create a health and fitness diary

18 Feb , 2013  

I’ve struggle with my weight for quite some time now and ever since I was a teenager aged 14, I had issues with the way I looked and just wanted to do something about it. At that age I didn’t know what was the problem, but I also didn’t stop to think about it much, […]

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Goal Setting,Learning aid

Using a diary to aid your study

12 Feb , 2013  

Whether you are studying for secondary school, college, high school or university, keeping a record of your study progress and of your study content can vitally improve your chances of higher grades. One of the biggest benefits of keeping a diary for your studies is that it can provide valuable feedback which generally can’t be […]

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How to use Mindlogr for coaching

11 Feb , 2013  

Did you know that you can increase your effectiveness as a coach when you use Mindlogr as a coaching tool? One of the most effective methods of coaching is daily recording, and I’m sure as a person or coach you’ve heard many a time when a sports coach keeps a coaching diary for each athlete, or […]

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Technology,Video Diary

Recording one second for every day of your life?

7 Feb , 2013  

I just watched an inspiring video from a dude in Brooklyn, NY called Cesar Kuriyama. This video was on TED the channel full of inspiring videos and it talks about the profound learning lessons you can have by recording one second for every day in your life. I must admit that I totally agree and […]

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Dream Journals,Goal Setting

How Keeping a Dream Diary Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

31 Jan , 2013  

Colloquially speaking, there are two different types of dream journals out there. The first, and most commonly known, is a type of diary wherein you write down your actual dreams. The idea here is to search through dreams to find potential signs and meanings hidden within the dreams. The second type of dream journal acts […]

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Benefits,Mental Wellbeing

The Benefits of Recording Your Daily Thoughts

27 Jan , 2013  

Keeping a diary is something you may have considered before only to draw the conclusion that it’s rather immature. However, keeping a personal journal is quite the opposite. Recording your daily thoughts is actually an ongoing process that takes a lot of maturity – and even a lot of courage to follow through with. You […]

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Tips,Written diary

Tips for Writing a Good Diary Entry

22 Jan , 2013  

If you’re still entertaining the idea of keeping a written diary, then you might think it’s as simple as jotting down your thoughts on a daily basis. Well, that’s about half right, but you also have to consider that you’ll be looking back on these thoughts one day. And with the popularity of social media, […]

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Mental Wellbeing,Stress Management,Video Diary

Why Creating a Video Diary is Good for Your Health

18 Jan , 2013  

Since the advent of the Internet as we know it today, millions upon millions of people have created blogs, podcasts and video journals in order to share their experiences with the world and to also have a digital record of their trials and tribulations. Being personal on that level, and also confident enough to possibly […]

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Mental Wellbeing,Stress Management

How Recording a Diary Can Relieve Mental Stress

13 Jan , 2013  

Many different scientific studies have been conducted involving diaries, and as they relate to stress-management and relief in particular, the results are fairly clear. Keeping a diary can help you to relieve mental stress just as well as any other outlet available to you. The science was once iffy at best, as “stress” in general was considered a myth of the mind in some precincts. But as medical science has advanced, dozens of studies have uncovered the fact that pouring your proverbial soul out via the pages of your diary can have mental and physical benefits.

For stress-relief in particular, recording a diary will benefit you in numerous ways. If only because you finally get to remove those worrisome thoughts from your shoulders, that would be reason enough. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read below and learn about how recording a diary can aid you in getting rid of stress.

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