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Private vlog vs video journal

1 Aug , 2014  

There really isn’t a difference between the 2, but the terms have been bandied about as if they were completely different things. When the internet started getting crazy and people were writing all the time online, they started to call these personal online journals a blog.

The video version soon came after this, especially with the advent of video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and people started to make vlogs to share with the world. The main idea was that these vlogs would be public access videos and so they quickly shifted from being privately focused, to being presentations in themselves for ideas, thoughts and even products.

The idea that a private vlog isn’t new since that was the initial idea, but the sharing nature of all video sites make this virtually impossible to keep. You can of course make every video on Youtube private, and store your videos on there, but have you ever tried to manage lots of videos like that. It’s practically impossible.

That’s one of the reasons why we created Mindlogr, because the management of private video was not something all these other video sharing sites focused on. Their goals were to make the uploading and sharing process as easy as possible since this is their main value proposition.

Here at Mindlogr we concentrate on tools to enable the micromanagement of your personal videos a breeze. Videos can be moved between different log books, they can easily change date or time on them and you can even mark the GPS position of where that video was actually recorded.

If you’re thinking about starting a private video journal, this is definitely the place to start. I know we sound like we are blowing our own horn, and you’d be right because it truly is something we are passionate about and hope that you can get the benefits of this system too.


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