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Recording one second for every day of your life?

7 Feb , 2013  

I just watched an inspiring video from a dude in Brooklyn, NY called Cesar Kuriyama. This video was on TED the channel full of inspiring videos and it talks about the profound learning lessons you can have by recording one second for every day in your life.

I must admit that I totally agree and what a fantastic idea this is.

The video is below for you to enjoy.

We even thought about how amazing would it be if we had some sort of wearable tech that could record the one second for you every hour and then at the end of the day you can append this 24 second clip to your daily diary log entries.

This would really give people a lot of context to their lives and even give future generations a glimpse into your life and perhaps even why they are how they are!

What do you think about this if we were to develop a piece of wearable tech that did this?

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