Shared diaries and weather data in the latest upgrade – DiaryMemo v2.5

8 Apr , 2013  

weatherDiaryMemo has always been a growing project and there are new ideas floating about all the time, some of which make it to the live version of the site.

Today we released the latest version 2.5 of the software and it’s got some cool features we’d like to share with you.

The first is weather data auto import.

Our long term goal with DiaryMemo has always been to start bringing in more context sensitive data which can help people to remember their day better. When you write a diary, you don’t often recording information like what the weather was outside that day, or even local news, or what you tweeted.

All these things would help you get a better picture of that day, and bring your diary to life without you needing to purposefully record it. The first of this kind of information is now implemented.

We are now partnered with Forecast.io for weather data past and present. This means that whenever you make a diary recording we’ll store information about the weather at the time of recording.

We’ll be collecting temperatures, precipitation types, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, visibility, pressure and cloud cover. In time you’ll see how this affects your memory as you watch your past videos and start to recall more about your day.

The second major feature is Shared Diaries.

We wanted to bring this feature into play because we know that a lot of people are all over the world wanted to share memories with each other.

These days whether for personal or business recording, people are more distributed than ever before and having a group journal will help lots of different use cases.

For example one we can think of are scientists all over the world who are working on the same problems in different labs. They often need a place to journal their findings or discoveries, and what better way to do that and share it with a DiaryMemo shared diary.

There are many other examples:

  • Students collaborating on projects using a shared diary to record progress
  • Work colleagues sharing reporting on projects
  • Doctors having shared diaries to collaborate on problems, or even to have patients report in with their conditions
  • Life coaches, personal coaches, sports coaches, sharing diary books with clients to enhance their coaching services.

We’ve managed to add this but also to keep the privacy of private diaries retained in the system.

Since this is such a powerful feature, only premium users are allowed to create new shared diaries, however they can invite regular users to participate in shared diaries.

If you are part of a shared diary and you are using the Dropbox auto save feature, whenever a fellow sharer records into the shared diary you’ll also automatically get it placed in your Dropbox.

You could even use it as a video messaging service!

The uses are endless and it’s up to our users to figure out how they can use shared diaries to enhance their lives.

What we know for certain is that shared diaries is definitely something that a lot of people are going to be using.

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