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The Future of Video Logging as a Reporting and Private Logging Tool

2 Jun , 2013  

future-camera[1]If you want to know just how important a role video plays in the lives of the world’s citizens today, do a quick 30-second experiment. Log onto YouTube, type the word “video” into the search bar, and select the “sort by upload date” option in the Filters tab.

Why this experiment? Well, it’s to realize that the vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every day come from the average Joe and Jane off the street and not some production company. As you scroll through the many results, you’ll see a wide range of video topics uploaded by people from all walks of life. And if  you want to see just how prevalent a topic like video diaries is, just type that into the search bar.

Video journaling has come a long way since the Internet took off. It’s not only about spilling your guts to a camera and loading it up to a sharing site either; video logging is a great reporting and analytics tool to use to gather important data which can be reviewed to improve the quality of your life.

And while video logging has come a long way, there’s still a long way to go. Just what is the future of video logging?

What the Future Holds for Video Diaries

Ease and Convenience

Video diaries are becoming much easier to log and much more convenient for people. Things like lifelogging have been around since the 1980s, but it wasn’t exactly easy to pull off. The bulky cameras back then were a pain to deal with. Not to even mention the limited space and battery life of devices of even a few short years ago. With today’s mobile devices, small cameras, and even things coming down the pike like Google Glass (which is a pair of glasses that work like a computer), taking a video journal is easier than ever. And we’re just getting started here. Devices will continue to get smaller and more convenient.

Real-Time Capabilities

It’s important to a lot of video loggers that their information is shared in real-time with individuals. This might not be something popular amongst the majority, but there are plenty who like this option. The future will see far more devices with live streaming capabilities, and more sites are going to pop up allowing such. It’s even rumored that Facebook is working on something that will allow a user to stream live content on their Wall in the future.

More Space

When we sent people to the moon, a gigabyte of data needed something the size of a small refrigerator for storage. These days, something the size of your pinky can hold 50 gigs of content. It won’t be long until something the size of your thumbnail can hold a terabyte of content, and you can expect every small camera to be able to log days and days worth of video with space to spare.

Increased Interest

Video logging is going to increase in popularity as the sheer data able to be collected increases. More people will start to realize that lifelogging and unlocking those life hacks is important for an efficient, improved lifestyle. Vlogging is already incredibly trendy; it’s going to become even more so as technology continues to advance.

Video diaries are a great way to reflect upon your life while also improving upon it. No longer to do you have to sit down in front of a webcam. You can use a wide assortment of software to collect data and to take pictures or film your life. What’s most amazing is that this technology is still basically in its infancy.

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