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The latest v3.5 upgrade

26 Nov , 2013  

upload-photos-to-computer-2Recently, well just last week, we decided to launch the latest round of upgrades for Mindlogr and amongst them were a couple of big upgrade features which we wanted to write about so that new and old users can see what this means for their logging experience.

As the world of vlogging explodes on the internet, there is still an ongoing need for a private place where people can store their video snippets and that’s why we continue to improve Mindlogr with a hope that we can fulfil that gap.

As such, we launch version 3.5 with 2 features which we are sure will benefit our users.

1) Mobile access

So we have a lot of users requesting that Mindlogr works on a mobile device, especially smartphones, so we implemented a way to make this happen. We added this capability because we have found a better video recording supplier who had technology which now means you can record into Mindlogr direct from a smartphone.

This isn’t a native APP, which installs into the smartphone itself, but it is accessible via a browser on the smartphone. All you need to do is visit www.mindlogr.com on your smartphone, log into the system and you’ll be able to record and/or upload old movie files from your phone into Mindlogr.

This means that all those little snippets of video you collect from various events like at a music concert, or someone’s birthday, or perhaps your pet cat playing around, can all be uploaded and stored for long term use.

2) File Upload

So to compliment the mobile access, we also added the ability for users to upload video from any device and from their computers into Mindlogr. This means you can keep any past video tracked into the system and have an organised way of storing all your precious video memories.

I know that I have recorded many snippets of video in the past from my holidays, to private occasions, all one different cameras from my DLSR to my fiance’s iPhone!

We also added the ability to change the date on a video, so not only can you organise your log books by topics you can also rearrange video dates as well.

Other updates

Both those features are premium account features as we want to provide the best experience to users who are truly life logging their thoughts and memories.

But, to ensure that everyone get’s an opportunity to experience this, we also changed the system so that all new subscribers get 1 months free premium account when they join up.

After the month is over, their account will automatically revert to a standard free account.

We’ve also cleaned up the system and changed the way titles and notes get stored and we feel that this is a more smooth experience. We noticed that like ourselves, we often make multiple videos in a row, so we wanted to make this as easy as possible without losing the feature to add moods, titles and notes.


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