Using Mindlogr to store your holiday home videos

10 Feb , 2014  

These days with the abundance of digital devices with cameras, we all find ourselves recording more and more video as well as photos.

This is certainly the case when it comes to vacations or holidays as we Brits call it. But what do you do with all those video snippets that end up sitting on your phone or tablet device or even on a hand held camcorder?

Do you organise them all into video libraries? Or perhaps share them with people?

A lot of the time, these clips mean nothing to other people, so you wouldn’t want to share them. Take for example a trip I took with my fianc√© last November to Amalfi in Italy.

I videoed on my iPhone, some bits of boat and water going by as we were on a boat trip. I lasted for 13 seconds. To anyone else, it would be just a boring video of water and boat, nothing distinguishable or shareable, but to me, it is a memory.

When  watch that video, it reminds me of being there on that boat. It almost allows me to relive that moment.

Video is a powerful tool for triggering past memories. One of the uses of Mindlogr is that it can be your holiday video storage place.

Instead of leaving all your holiday videos scattered across multiple devices, why not upload them all into Mindlogr and let Mindlogr organise it.

You can create a shared log book too and share these clips to people who were with you on the trip. You can even create a different log book for each trip you take.

That’s a great use we’ve found some members using Mindlogr for. It keeps all your videos together, and if you’ve enabled the Dropbox feature, it will also self organise in your file storage.

Give it a go, upload some videos and see what you can use Mindlogr to store.

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