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Video blogging your way to a clear mindful existence

28 Feb , 2017  

There’s a lot of talk lately about all these video bloggers on YouTube who have massive followings, but suffice to say, none of them talk about the real benefits of video blogging, or vlogging. I’m sure they would be first to admit that prolonged video blogging has helped with many of their personal traits as well as boosting their confidence, mental wellness and a variety of other mindful benefits.

What we want to talk about and promote is that this isn’t a tool that you can only use on YouTube and make your ideas public, you can also get the benefits by creating your own private video blogging account. Private video blogging is very different from doing it on YouTube publicly. It’s likely that creating a public channel is for the purposes of talking about a particular topic, or creating useful video blogs to teach people about something. Doing it in private is all about self.

It sounds a bit narcissistic, but really it’s not like that because narcissism requires external validation, whereas self reflection is just about being with yourself, your thoughts and anything else you might want to talk about in your private vlog.

The voice in your head is not the same as your real voice

What’s important about talking to yourself is the vocalization of that voice in your head. Often that monkey voice can cause self doubt and lots of other nasty negative thoughts, but when you try to vocalize that into real life, often those deep negative thoughts are moderated and you’ll find that they are really overly one sided and aren’t grounded in reality. That’s because the voice in your head is often left unchecked, whereas in real life, what you say is energetically put out to the world and that action can often lead to more positive results.

It’s the same as thinking you’ll run a marathon, vs shouting out loud you’ll run a marathon. Try it yourself right now, doesn’t it feel different when you think it vs when you say it.

This is because we are activating different senses when you say it vs when you think it. Thinking it uses only the Auditory Digital representational system (or self talk) sense in your physical body, whereas when you speak it, you are using your audio, visual, oral and auditory digital senses. In fact you are using 4 out of your 5 main senses, with the only only being dormant being the sense of smell.

Vocalizing your thoughts makes it that much more powerful and this is why it is almost always better to say out loud what you are thinking in your head. Think of it like a real life check.

Clarity is in the context

Thoughts can sometimes be random and out of context, especially when you find it hard controlling your mind and being mindful. This can often lead to criss crossing of streams of thought that you might begin to merge into one ideological pattern, which is probably not related to each other. This is another good reason why vocalization can bring random non related thoughts into clear light and give you a chance to put them into the correct context.

When you talk about your thoughts and organise them into the correct context, it will generally lead to a more meaningful clarification of that particular thought. Context is really key when it comes to being more aware of yourself and what you are thinking. A giant christmas tree growing in a forest of other pine trees has a different meaning to the same tree placed in the centre of Trafalgar Square in London.



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