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What is Lifelogging and How Can I Get Started?

21 May , 2013  

Known sometimes as lifebloggers or lifegloggers, a lifelogger is an individual who typically uses computer software or some type of camera to capture their lives. You may be familiar with this practice via viral videos online, where lifeloggers post events happening in the world around them.

The premise here can be likened in part to a first-person video game. The lifelogger doesn’t necessarily show him or herself in the video; it’s from a first-person perspective and thus the events are recording from the perspective they were participated in.

Believe it or not, lifelogging was around well before the Internet really took off. Steve Mann became the first notable lifelogger in the 1980s, wearing a camera which eventually led to the webcams we all use today. Mann started transmitting his life in live-time 24-hours a day, and he continued well into the 200s.

Whether you’re streaming the video live or simply recording it, lifelogging gives you a great opportunity to capture the world around you. If you would like to get started in lifelogging, below are some tips to assist you in the process.

Tips to Get Your Started with Lifelogging

Decide On a Format

Do you want to stream to a website in live time, or do you want to record and edit your videos? Your decision here is crucial, because it will dictate which way you proceed. For instance, it’s going to cost more money and take more technical knowledge to stream your life in live time, whereas it’s simpler and cheaper to record the events, store them, and then edit the video.

Find Your Software

Deciding what you want to use here is the first step in the lifelogging process. Today’s technology means that you don’t have to strap a bulky camera system to your shoulders or chest. You don’t need to carry around multiple cameras and battery packs like the Survivorman or anything of the sort.  You can find smaller cameras to use if it’s something that better suits your needs, and you can find a wide range of storage devices and devices which allow for live streaming.

Do it for Yourself

Lifelogging is something that should be done for personal growth and not to attempt to become an Internet celebrity. Sure, sharing your experiences with the world may be fulfilling, but when you’re logging on behalf of the public, you’re really defeating the purpose. This is something you should do because you want to chronicle your life and use the data collected to reflect and grow.

Proceed with Caution

Since lifelogging isn’t new and there are many people participating, it goes without saying that there are few unique angles left here. This leads some people to take extreme risks when lifelogging, from mountain climbing and sky surfing to diving and auto racing. You should never risk your life to get a good shot. The idea behind lifelogging is simply to chronicle your events; it isn’t to be dangerous for the sake of good video.

Remember that you don’t need to walk on the wild side to be a lifelogger. It’s a real-time video diary, simply put, and chronicling the life you live is more than enough reason to get started.

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