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What is mindfulness and how can I get more of it!

28 Jul , 2014   Video

There’s a movement happening right now and it’s this whole business of mindfulness, but what on earth is it? I’ve been wondering this myself and trying to get a handle on it, and the most sensible answer I can get is that it is an approach to life that aims to create a stronger bond between mind and body, and reduce stress and anxiety in life.

Since I’ve answer the question, you can stop reading now, but perhaps you want to find out more and how you can use Mindlogr to achieve this. Read on….

There are more than enough research studies which show that there is a real and serious link between stress and thought, and although never a direct cause of serious illnesses, stress is often a contributing factor.

It could be a simple headache, or it could be a more serious condition, and I can attest to this being a real and truly scary experience. I didn’t experience it myself, but the week before my own wedding my mother of 65 years young had an attack where she lost her short term memory.

The doctors called it transient global amnesia (TGA), a sort of mini-stroke which could be an indicator of a higher propensity to have a full stroke later in life. At least TGA was somewhat benign and short of losing a few hours of memories, memories which will never be regained, there was luckily no long lasting damage to the brain.

Of course I was absolutely terrified, sitting in the A&E ward waiting for a doctor to see her, but before we even got here my father wasn’t even aware of how serious this might have been and did not take her to hospital straight away.

Memory loss is a serious condition that is brought on in most cases by nerve or cell damage in the regions of the brain. Even the slightest sudden loss needs to be looked at. I’m telling this story because it relates to stress, and the reason why we think she had this episode was because as a part of my wedding, she was hosting 3 families staying at her house, all visiting from Hong Kong.

Couple this with the excitement of her first son getting married, and having to do both a Western wedding and a Chinese wedding, the entire course of events must have just unlatched something inside her and lead to this TGA attack.

It only goes to show that de-stressing is almost as important and physical exercise. Think of it as an exercise for the brain to keep it healthy and active. Mindlogr is a great tool for this because it allows people to literally dump their thoughts onto video and let go of so many things in their lives.

People are getting mindful on Mindlogr everyday and they use it to record their daily issues, or the challenges that they’ve overcome. Users are telling us everyday how useful it has been for them to have this safe place to record all their thoughts on video, and perhaps even share with someone one day in the future.

If you want to learn more about being mindful, why not visit, they have lots of great articles about it.


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