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What’s the upcoming guided logs all about?

10 Feb , 2015  

We are 2 years old now and constantly learning about how to improve this project and website, and how to develop features which we believe the users would like.

In our research and studies we’ve identified a few barriers to wider adoption of video logs as a means of recording personal thoughts, life and history.

The first of these is simply that people are still fearful of being in front of a camera. It’s completely understandable and a common fear amongst many. The key to recognising that this is stopping you from expressing yourself is to do it and overcome your fear just be letting go and facing it.

It’s like Susan Jeffers’ said in her book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway” which states it right there in the title.

There’s no better place to do that on Mindlogr where everything is private. People often get confused by this because everything we’ve come to understand about the internet is that it is one big social sharing environment. That is true, BUT we’d like to provide a place online which allows us to access the benefits of the cloud and yet still be completely private.

The second barrier to adoption is that a lot of people don’t know what to say in their videos or even where to begin. Starting a video log can be daunting and once someone has gotten over the camera shyness, they still need to have something to say.

That’s why we decided to create guides to help people get started. The new guided log feature which will be coming to the platform soon will give beginners a set of questions to answer that’ll help them get over not knowing what to say.

It’s a bit like the difference between meditation and guided meditation. People who are experienced at meditation can often do it on their own, but newcomers to meditation will often search for guided meditations to get them started.

That’s exactly what our guided logs will be about. There will be a handful of categories such as nutrition, health, work, personal, legacy, sports; and each category will be populated with guides for many different purposes.

For example there will be many guides to help you record the story of your life. Those kind of guides would ask personal questions about where you come from, what your background is, why you chose the life you lead etc.

We hope that people will find these guides useful and we are also partnering with some experts to create the best guides possible. In fact if you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert and want to become a guide contributor, please visit this page for more information.


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