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Where is Mindlogr heading?

8 Nov , 2014  

It’s been 2 years since I first came up with the idea to build this web service and it’s already been through one name change and a whole lot of new features and removal of features.

I guess when I started I wasn’t sure what type of product this site would be, and I certainly didn’t know if anyone would be interested to use it. Since it seem fairly simple to make a prototype I decided the best way to test whether people would sign up was to build it.

It turns out that there are lots of people interested in the site and so began a journey of constant improvement and analysis to understand how to make the best platform possible.

As more people began signing up to use DiaryMemo, it became clear that the target demographic I thought would be interested in video logging wasn’t the one that was interested and in fact it was a whole lot more mature audience, rather than teenagers.

So DiaryMemo had to change and it morphed into Mindlogr, a site that was geared more towards personal reflection and all the benefits that came with increased self awareness and personal well being.

At this stage I thought that the other side uses might be able to help grow the number of users, and so I spent a bit of time trying to extol the benefits of logging all types of video. From holidays to kids growing up, to work reporting, but it was pretty clear that the majority of users were keen to use Mindlogr as a private tool for reflection.

Since I was partially unclear as to the direction of the project, I’ve let it grow organically for a while and now it’s clear that the element of the mind is really important in this project.

The benefits which most people gain from using the site all revolve around better mental health, well being and overall relaxation of the mind and letting go of the past.

As such the direction which I’ll be taking Mindlogr will be one that helps people to remember more things about their past. To provide useful tools and tips in triggering past stories and to provide a platform which can do all this and maintain a nice organised storage of all these videos.

Ultimately I believe that the more a person logs their thoughts on video, the happier they will be overall in their lives. This is a big and profound statement, and also quite hard to quantify, however I truly believe this, so I will endeavour to keep improving Mindlogr.

It would be awesome if our users can look back in 10 years time on their video logs and just see how much has changed and how their thinking has changed. This I think is a powerful tool and time investment will yield ever superior results in personal mental wellness.

Eddie Yu – Founder of Mindlogr

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