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Why Creating a Video Diary is Good for Your Health

18 Jan , 2013  

Since the advent of the Internet as we know it today, millions upon millions of people have created blogs, podcasts and video journals in order to share their experiences with the world and to also have a digital record of their trials and tribulations.

Being personal on that level, and also confident enough to possibly share your experiences with others, is something that takes a lot of courage and commitment on your part. But if you’re willing to walk out on that limb, you can actually experience some great health benefits from a video diary, both physical and mental.

Benefits to Mental Health

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is one of those lingering ailments that plague people more and more as they dwell on it. One of the best ways to find anxiety relief is to accept it and to break out of your proverbial cocoon to become a social butterfly. This is obviously easier said than done, but working in small increments by sharing your video diary with more people can help you to relieve your anxiety.

Stress Relief

A diary is something that, by its name, is supposed to be personal. So you do not have to step out and share you diary if you don’t want to. But whether you decide to share it as a vlog or if you want to keep it personal, you can find some stress relief in venting to the camera. When you sit down to write, the right words might not want to come out. With a video diary, however, you’re putting everything on display – your words, thoughts, emotions, actions, etc. This is a fantastic stress outlet.

Connecting with Others

If you do decide to eventually share your journal with others, you’re going to find a lot of like-minded people out there, people who share your everyday issues and people with whom you can connect on a meaningful level. Finding a place to fit in is something that’s fantastic for your mental state. We’re all social creatures, and reaching out on this level can heal a lot of wounds.

Benefits to Physical Health

Finding Guidance

A lot of people decide to create and share video diaries in order to find help with a lot of physical issues, too, such as weight loss, chronic pain, mothering, etc. By recording and ultimately sharing your video diary, you can find some great guidance out there via people who have dealt with the same physical issues.

Finding Motivation

Using a popular trend on YouTube as an example of how a video diary can improve your physical health, there’s currently a “watch me shrink” movement online, wherein people record their weight-loss journey from day one and post weekly progress updates. Though some comments are obviously of the trolling nature, most are very insightful and encouraging. Many people dealing with the same issues join together to motivate one another. Entire online communities are formed around a common struggle, and going through something with someone rather than alone can definitely help you in numerous ways.

Learning Valuable Information

A video diary gives you a great opportunity to check your progress when dealing with something of a physical nature. For instance, recording your dietary habits gives you a catalog that you can return and check in the future. The same holds true with a lot of different physical issues you’re dealing with. Plus you can pick up a lot of tips and information from others.

Your reasons for wanting to record a video diary may not have much to do with health at all, but the good news is that this simple act can be very beneficial to your overall well-being.

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