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Why creating a video journal could accelerate your personal healing

3 Aug , 2013  

Spa and wellness details“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We all know that writing a journal has some seriously great benefits. There’s no need for me to go into depth about those in particular, just know that it serves as a valuable tool in the cause of personal development.

I’ve kept a number of different diaries myself for many years. I have a personal diary for keeping my private thoughts and I’ve also kept a dream journal and a dating journal. They both served their purposes extremely well whilst I was keeping them, but the problem I found was that over time, I de-prioritised them and felt like they took up too much time for me to write.

I wanted to keep adding to them, but I wanted to find a faster way to do it, and that’s when I started to look into video as a way of recording thoughts. I stumbled upon this quite by accident as I was writing an article on a completely different topic.

I had the TV on in the background and it was showing an episode from Star Trek, and at the same time my iPad was laying on my desk and I thought to myself how clever it was for Apple to create the iPad, arguably inspired by the pads from Star Trek.

My mind began to wander and as it did, I realised that in many science fiction shows, many of the old ones have inspired inventions that are present today. Furthermore, I knew that in the case of Star Trek, they often had many futurists and physicists working in the research part to ensure that story lines were plausible.

So one of the things that many science fiction shows and movies have is this idea of personal video logging. In fact it is an activity that is always present and that got me thinking, can I create a personal log for my thoughts?

As I started to search the internet for a way of doing it online, since I wanted to reap the benefits of cloud technology and accessibility, I soon came to discover that there wasn’t a dedicated platform to do this.

That’s when I decided to build DiaryMemo. Ok, this blog post is a little bit of a plug, but all for good cause since I want to explain what creating this platform has meant.

I’ve discovered since developing it, and using it myself that it does 4 things which greatly increase its effectiveness in personal development.

  1. It makes the diary process more fun
  2. It saves time – you can say a lot in 5 minutes compare to 5 minutes of writing
  3. It’s way more reflective
  4. It’s much easier

The one to take careful note of is point number 3, the fact that is it so much more reflective. Let’s dive into this one a little.

When you write a diary, the sense you are predominantly activating is your auditory digital in essence this is your own self talking, the voice in your head that speaks to you and reads to you, the one speaking right now as you read this!

This is activates the logical portion of your brain and in a way allows you to detach from what you are writing to look at it from a distance.

What is interesting about recording a video diary is that not only does it activate this sense, it also engages both your auditory and visual senses and sometimes even your olfactory when you try to recall a smell from your day!

Your auditory sense is clearly active when you speak and have to project your thoughts and convert them from thought into sound. That process alone helps to trigger the visual sense because some thoughts of audio are tied into visual activities that have happened in the past.

Simply by recalling and then speaking out your thoughts into a video camera suddenly makes the whole recall experience that much more visceral. In fact it can often be extremely uncomfortable, especially when the topics of discussion are sensitive.

That’s what makes it even more potent when you do talk about them. It’s like have a free therapist right there in your camera, and as many people know, many schools of thought around personal development and therapy teach that the answers are already within oneself.

All you got to do is dig deep enough to find them, and recording a video diary certainly helps that digging process. I personally think it massively accelerates it. I’ve found myself coming to strangely satisfying answers after a good old session of self talk.

So, that’s it, recording a video diary could be more effective than writing, at the very least it gives you a chance to let go of your negative thoughts for the day.

This is of course my experience and opinion, the only way to tell if it works for you is to give it a go. You may still prefer writing and that’s completely your choice to do so, but wouldn’t you want to try something that could potentially be life changing for you?


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