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Why Lifelogging is Going Mainstream

20 Aug , 2013  

In today’s society, lifelogging is a something that’s exploding in a big way. Whether you’re speaking about using a camera to record your daily life or using fitness equipment to help improve it, logging your daily activities is something that’s more popular now than ever.

Lifelogging has been around for a long time, and it was definitely prevalent during the 1980s, where cameras were bulky and a website was where a spider lived. So, why has lifelogging recently exploded in the mainstream? The reasons aren’t all noble and pure of heart. Some of the reasons have to do with people being starved for attention.

Let’s have a look at why lifelogging is taking off in a such a big way.

The Influential Factors of Mainstreaming Lifelogging

Technological Advancements

More people aren’t using tablets now because they just decided that laptops and desktops were too big and awkward. People are using tablets because tablets are available. It wasn’t that tablets were always around. The same goes with camera size. If you could have purchased a small, high-quality camera in the ’90s, you would have.

But they weren’t available. It’s the need that drove the market to innovate, and it then becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. Lifelogging equipment was just other equipment, until smaller equipment was created. And once lifeloggers began using more of it for their own purposes, companies started to produce lifelogging-specific equipment that was streamlined and advanced. And so it continues.

A More Social Society

We’re a more social society now thanks to the Internet. The more websites advance, the more we see lifelogging becoming a very prevalent factor in society. Blogs were all the rage before a site like YouTube came along. That was certainly akin to lifelogging, but closer related to a diary. Webcams and cell cameras and different exercise-based equipment started to come along, and people realized that they could share their experiences by uploading them. This has created an atmosphere where more people are interested in lifelogging.

A Health-Conscious Society

With fast-food chains and a million different junk food options on the shelves, society has let itself go in numerous ways. Many are fighting back against this trend and are trying to live healthier lifestyles. Lifelogging isn’t all about recording your life via a camera.

It’s also about recording your calories, your steps, your different goals, etc; it’s literally about logging your life. So as more people become more concerned about their health, and with the available technology, more people are starting to focus on logging their healthy lifestyles.

The “Me-Me-Me” Generation

The two-decade-long Baby Boom generation that began in the mid ’40s has been referred to as the “Me” generation, due to the self-involved qualities often demonstrated by those of that time period. Well, that generation has given way to the “Me-me-me” generation, which seems to be exponentially more self-involved.

It’s a combination of technology and different social attitudes. Unfortunately, it has a lot to do with selfishness, a hunger for fame and adoration, and an overall lack of empathy for others. This sounds really bad, but it is an unfortunate truth we deal with in today’s society. People are far more self-centered now than ever, and someone strapping a camera to themselves to record their life often only does so because they want others to look at them and to be involved.

Instead of people in today’s society reaching out to others, people instead look to bring others inside of a self-contained circle.

Yeah, we warned that the reason for lifelogging’s mainstream expansion wasn’t all peachy. Not that it’s sinister, but we’re not witnessing a social movement that’s going to help reverse climate change or feed hungry children. It’s a movement that puts more of a spotlight on individuals. It can be–and is often–used in order to help individuals improve their own lives. And that’s a great thing. However, it’s also used as a means to satisfy the attention cravings of individuals, and that’s certainly responsible for the explosion.


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